Products by the Bamboo Exporter

Bambooexporter is selling a range of Bamboo products from China Such as Bamboo canes, Bamboo Flowersticks, Bamboo Trellis, Decoration Bamboo and Raffia from Madagascar.

Eco Flowersticks
Eco Flowersticks made from recycled materials
Bamboo canes
Our first cut Bamboo Canes, which are used as support for plants and trees, are very strong and durable.
Coloured Flowersticks
First quality Mao Coloured Flowersticks, one end pointed. Used for decoration plants like orchids, hortensias, etc. Available in lightgreen, darkgreen and brown.
Natural Flowersticks
First quality Mao Flowersticks, one end pointed. Used for all kind of young plants. The perfect round Flowerstick, straight without splinters, smooth surface, suitable for mechanical use.
Bamboo Trellis
First quality Bamboo Trellis are used for supporting climbing plants, but also adds extra value to your plants.
Special Shapes
Our Special Shapes ; U-shapes, O-shapes, Pyramids, 3-dimensional and Christmas-trees are specially designed to give your plants an exclusief look and add extra value to them.
Our Raffia Majunga Superior is imported from Madagascar. It can be delivered in bales of 100kg., but also in small bundles of 50gr. 100gr. 250gr. 300gr. or any other weight on request.
Decoration Bamboo
Our first quality decoration bamboo is used for fencing, boothbuilding, decoration etc. Diameters from 30 till 180 cm.